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PC SHARMA EYE HOSPITAL has two state of the art Lasik Laser Machine – Schwind Amaris 750S & Intralase femtosecond 150 AMO (Bladefree) both providing safety, precision and accuracy.

There are two steps in the LASIK procedure. First, the surgeon creates a micro-thin corneal flap, which is lifted to expose the inner cornea for step two, tissue ablation by an excimer laser. The first step of making flap can be done either with ultrathin blade known as Microkeratome (Blade LASIK) or with laser (Blade free LASIK).

The Femto Second (FS) laser introduced the concept of blade-free LASIK, representing the first improvement to the procedure’s first step. Surgeons have found statistically and clinically significant differences in the post procedure vision patients achieve — better than 20/20 to 20/15 and even 20/12.5 — when the laser is used to make the corneal flap.

With its excellent safety profile, patient comfort and superior visual outcomes, Blade free LASIK is among the fastest-growing refractive surgical techniques in the country today. Blade free lasik (Intralase Femtosecond) has an advantage over microkeratome as it provides better wound stability & lesser chances of flap dislocation.

NASA has approved the use of blade less / FS laser in the correction of refractive errors.


This technique is the latest technology (2017) to be introduced to our refractive surgery department.

In this technique, refractive error is corrected using laser without any flap formation. This technique is advantageous as is maintains the original strength of the cornea as well as in patients where flap creation is not a viable option.

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